Never hired a freelancer before?

If you need an expert to carry out some work online, find out how using a freelancer compares favourably to some of the most common alternatives.

Hiring a Freelancer


With practically no overheads, I keep a lean operation. No premises. No staff. No expensive coffee machine. That, in turn, allows me to offer super-competitive pricing. Furthermore, you only pay for what you use, on a minute to minute basis.


I don’t sell cookie-cutter services, forcing you to fit into my mould. Instead, I take time to understand, then address, the specific needs that are unique to your business.

No lock in

All services are provided on a month-to-month basis. If you discover that a service isn’t meeting your needs, or your needs change, you can stop. No penalty. No cost. No lock-in.

You own it

Everything is set-up in your name, not mine. At the end of our work together, all assets remain yours. No shady-agency tactics of setting things up in my name so that I get to keep them, not you.

Deal direct

Talk directly to the person who does the work. Not an Account manager who is detached from what is happening on the ground.

Part of the team

Have someone who can work with you, as part of your team, both listening & advising.

Compared to hiring:
An Agency


An Agency carries all of the overheads of traditional bricks & mortar businesses. All of those costs for premises, for staff, are reflected in their charges. A good proportion of your fees go to covering their costs – not in performing your work.


To achieve economies of scale, Agencies have to sell you the standard service they offer. There’s no room for anything bespoke that better fits your needs vs. theirs.


Once you’ve finished dealing with their Sales team & you’ve signed that long-term contract, are they just going to outsource your work to an outside contractor anyway & only cream off the profits?


Most agencies will insist you sign a service contract for 12-months or more. It’s great for them. But what if it doesn’t work out for you?


At the end of your agreement, who owns everything? Do you own that Google Ads account which contains all that valuable data you’ve been paying for, or do they? Many Agencies will simply hold onto the account & switch across to one of your competitors.

Compared to hiring:
A full-time employee


Is there really enough to do to keep one person occupied on a full-time basis? You still have to carry those costs whether they are busy or idle.


As a business owner, you’ll know that the actual cost of staff includes far more than their pay. Taxes; Superannuation; providing a desk & tools; holidays; sick pay are just some of the ongoing costs. Should that role become redundant or they simply decide to leave, there are significant costs that can’t be avoided.


Few industries change with such speed as IT. With your employ only working in your environment, will they be able to keep up-to-date with every trend? Can they keep their skills current? Will you be funding their ongoing training?

Compared to:
Doing it yourself


Do you have the skills or time to learn all the skills necessary to fulfil this specialist role? Do you even know what you don’t know?


Is it the best use of your time to be carrying out each & every specialist task across your business – or is your time better spent managing experts to do that on your behalf?