Domain registration & Web hosting

We all know that choosing a good web host is vital, but what does ‘good’ mean & what happens if you get it wrong?

A good web host is far more than just the least expensive. Considering that the price of web hosting is so small compared to many other business expenses, it really ought not feature too highly in the list of selection criteria.

When choosing a host, you need consider you site-visitors experience as well as your own.

From a visitors perspective you want a host that will enable you site to run fast, to be available, to be secure.

From your perspective you want a host that has responsive & capable support, is able to offer the features you depend upon, is focused on the types of services that you use.

At WebUp Website Designs, unlike many of our competitors, we do not act as a reseller for either domain names or hosting space. Instead, we facilitate clients obtaining domains & hosting directly from providers in their own names. The advantages to clients of this approach are that:

The management of these key business assets is controlled by yourself, allowing you to provide access to others as required, whether that is WebUp, other web designers, whomever.
You have complete flexibility to move to any other provider of domain name management &/or hosting at your whim.
As you are purchasing direct, it is less expensive.

In short, we do not use domain names or hosting, as a mean to lock clients into our services or to tie clients to us.

Our recommendations for domain & hosting providers are based upon our own experience & from others in the industry. As a matter of good practice, we use separate providers for domain name management vs. hosting. By doing so, it is much less traumatic should it become necessary to change provider for one or the other.

Our recommendation for domain name management is


A simple interface; fair costs; responsive support & (at the time of writing) no charge to migrate existing domains under their management makes this provider our default. They also offer some additional facilities that provide greater privacy of your own details & – having obtained domain names with & without these in the past – strongly recommend that these are taken advantage of, to avoid an avalanche of spam emails !

Our recommendation for hosting space is


Siteground are one of a few premium hosting providers, tailored toward WordPress, well regarded in the industry & we use them consistently. Good value, various packages/features, reliability, great performance, excellent support – they’ve been ticking all the boxes.

At the time of writing, Siteground charges $3.95/month for a single site service for the first year

Although we do not resell services, we have set-up affiliate arrangements with both of these providers so that, should you choose to procure their services via the banner links below, they will pay us a small one-time bonus – usually about enough for a week’s coffee for one. This affiliate arrangement does not affect how much you pay them & the coffee usually helps us work faster on your project!
Web Hosting

Both domain names & hosting can be sourced on-line directly by clients, with account credentials subsequently provided to WebUp for development and build.

Alternatively, if clients prefer WebUp to source on their behalf, this can be done for a small one-time fee.