Google Ads for Businesses

Campaigns that will place you directly in front of people searching for the types of products & services you offer.

Why Google Ads? Simply because it works!

Unlike traditional advertising, where you throw messages out, hoping to hit someone – by chance – who might be interested in what you offer, Ads is completely different.

Google Ads allows you to place your products or services directly in front of people, right at the moment that they are searching for them! It connects you to real prospects, to the people you really want to be talking to.

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Immediate Results

Once your Google Ads campaign goes live, your ads will start appearing in Google search results immediately. No lag, no lead-time, just new prospects clicking through to your website from day one.

Complete Control

You can change the daily advertising budget on-demand. Need to generate more leads? Increase your budget. In a busy period? Then wind it back. Want to target a specific geographic area? Include or Exclude areas at will. Only want to have your Ads seen during working hours, or the weekend?

These are just a handful of the number of parameters available to optimise and tune your campaign, precisely to your need.

It’s Measurable

See exactly what, when and where your spend is going. Use this information to optimise your campaign, or to make adjustments in light of changing situations. Know exactly what each lead or sale is costing you. Gather real intelligence, to know you are getting a positive return on investment.

Pay for Results

You only pay when someone clicks on your Ad, not when Google shows it.

How I’m different

Whether it’s creating a new Ads campaign, taking over the management of an existing campaign or some one-time assistance to keep you on track – I can help.

If you’re unfamiliar with Google Ads, get in touch & I will explain the essential things you need to know & how it is fundamentally different to any other advertising methods you might have tried.

Most of my clients have come to me after leaving larger agencies. Agencies that have charged more, locked businesses into long term contracts, have provided cookie-cutter services, without really engaging with their business.  I operate differently. Prices are fair. Services are contract-free. I communicate with you on an ongoing basis, to understand the unique aspects of your business & to review your campaign and its progress.

Doing business together: January 2018 - Present

Paul from WebUp offers me a personable and professional service that has created results and improved my website performance within the first month!

Paul clearly mapped out his services and support options, which has been incredibly helpful in making decisions regarding my website and ad campaigns. I highly recommend WebUp!

Douja Elhajj

Principal Mediator, Insight Dispute Resolution

What do you get?

A website comprises much more than what you see. Below are the elements that are provided as part of website production.

Dedicated Google Ads account

An Ads account set-up in your name, that I set-up & manage for you as long as you like.

Search Campaigns for your Business Objectives

Establishing your business aims allows me to set-up an Ad campaign to best satisfy them

Ad group definition

Ad Groups to match your product/service inventory.

Keyword Definition

Target the right people through the search behaviour of your prospective customers

Ad Creatives

Compelling advert copy that attracts people top your website

Remarketing Campaigns

Advertise direct to those people who’ve visited your website 

Display Campaigns

Advertise on websites that your prospective customers visit.

Conversion Tracking

Track user behaviour on your website & elsewhere so that you know which Ads are successful in achieving your business aims.

Google Tag Manager Integration

Sophisticated conversions & goal tracking for your website and Google Ads

Google Analytics Integration

Capture every aspect of your website visitor behaviour. The repository for all business intelligence re. how people interact with your site.

Ongoing optimisation and management

Continual monitoring, refinement & campaign improvement based upon data collected.

Regular Reviews for Broader Business Performance

Ensuring that Ads Campaigns benefit from real business results & changing business needs.