Helping you go it alone

You can achieve your online aims without needing to commit to a long-term contract with an expensive Agency. Adopting a strategy where you undertake activities in-house &/or with freelance specialists, can offer many benefits:

  • No long-term contracts
  • Lower costs
  • A greater understanding of your business
  • Immediately responsive to needs
  • Ability to start/stop activities as required, in response to business demands
  • Online assets always remain under your ownership & control

If you want to keep control, maintain flexibility and manage your costs – this approach can yield good results!

I can help you formulate & execute an entire online strategy that will enable you to grow your business. We’ll deep dive into your business and how you can make use of the vast number of online techniques and tools that are available, how these can interlock with your existing business processes, the methodology to adopt & more.

Where I can help


What do I need to be doing online to get more business?

What do I need to be doing online to get more business?

We can review your business & your future plans to define an online strategy that will move you towards those goals.

We’ll consider:

  • how best to generate leads & sales through online channels;
  • how your online activities should integrate with your broader sales/marketing activities;
  • how/if you need to raise your brand awareness;
  • how customers go about purchasing products & services that you offer;
  • what key metrics need to be tracked to monitor progress;
  • the online platforms & tools you require; and more.


How can I execute my online marketing plan?

Once you know what is required, we can build & integrate your entire online model. Typically comprising – website; social media; email marketing; advertising; local SEO actions.

We’ll also setup the necessary measuring and reporting tools to track performance & your prospective customers from leads to sales.


We just need to get some help to do it ourselves?

If you want to undertake certain online activities in-house, but don’t yet have the skills, we can work alongside you to bring you up-to-speed. 


Need someone to take care of your marketing, but don’t have enough to justify employing someone?

Online activities are (or should be) simply one side of a business’s broader marketing activities.

Employing a full-time Marketing Manager is not always cost-effective for small/mid-sized businesses.

We can help you bridge that gap by acting as a virtual Marketing Manager, helping establish & execute a complete marketing strategy.


I just have a problem I need some help with?

If you have a specific challenge that involves online marketing, we can help on a straightforward per-assignment basis.