4 things to do now that you’ve launched

Welcome to the first of our articles that will help you get the most out of your new online presence by taking advantage of the amazing opportunities that operating online presents. Congratulations for launching your new website into the world! Every day new websites are launched by the thousands – some soar, others fizzle out. Taking active steps to control your website launch can get you off on the right foot, and give your new investment its best chance for success.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing with you a wealth of knowledge to enable you to develop a complete online strategy of your own that will help you attract new visitors to your website, to convert those visitors into customers & to maintain a relationship with those new customers so that they come back for more.

So let’s get started straightaway. Here are the 4 things for you to tackle this week.


1. Update your existing collateral

Now you have your new website, you need to make sure that it’s mentioned wherever people are going to encounter your business – both online & in the real world. The usual places you’ll need to do this include:

  • Your business cards. Naturally you want your site address to be shown on your business card. Apart from your own name, it’s probably the most important item shown.
  • Your email footer. All email services enable you to create an default footer. Go ahead and create one with your site address included.
    Quick tip: If you have a logo in your email footer, that can usually be set up as a link to your site as well.
  • All your social media profiles. Be sure to include your site address in all social media profiles you have – Facebook; LinkedIn and any others. Most have a dedicated place for you to show it. If not, just add it to your profile description.
  • Printed material. Any letter heads, invoices, brochures, posters – all printed material.
  • Online profiles. Have accounts on any web services where you have the option to include a short bio – be sure to mention your site address here.
    Yellow pages or similar. In the same way you want your phone number published, you’ll want your site address listed as well.

The above list isn’t exhaustive as everyone’s situation is unique.

Quick tip: A good method to see if you’ve overlooked anything is to Google your name; your business name and then your phone number. These searches can turn up some unique locations for your own case and you may be surprised to discover where you are mentioned.

2. Get a business email address

An email address that is yourname@yoursiteadress.com presents a much more professional image than a generic @gmail.com or @outlook.com address. Email is cheap, easy to integrate into your existing email client (so one mailbox let’s you receive & send emails from your different accounts) and still lets you easily separate business from personal email.


3. Set up Google & Facebook Business Pages

Google knows about your website, now tell it about your business by claiming your business page. When people search for your business, or businesses like yours, the information you include on your business page forms a key component of Google search results. It helps with your ranking as well !

Quick tip: It’s essential that your address and phone number are written identically on both your website & on your business page – e.g High Street and High St. are not the same.

Having a Facebook business page is essential if you want to use social media as a means by which to help grow your business. There are some great strategies to get the most out of your website and social media that can significantly grow your brand awareness and number of customers. Set one up & you can use it immediately to start promoting your business. Which bring us finally to…


4. Start promoting your new online presence

Down track there are many strategies you can employ to promote your new business online. For now though, you want some quick wins to get yourself more widely known.

If you have some existing customers, then simply email them to introduce them of your new site, inviting them to take a look around. Ask for feedback. Your customers might have some great suggestions.

Having set-up your facebook business page, do the following to see how far your new online presence can reach.

On your Facebook business page, create a new post promoting your new website. Make sure you include a call-to-action, something like ‘I’ve just launched my new business and really want to get my name out there to reach out to those who I can help. I think I’ve got a really good service that will help people, so please help me achieve this by sharing this post to your friends & followers 🙂 ‘ Don’t forget to add the link to your website.

Quick tip: once you type the link to your site & press space, Facebook will grab a snapshot of your site. Once it’s done that, if you wish, you can then delete the link from your post & the snapshot will remain.

Share your business Facebook page to your personal timeline, inviting all your Facebook friends to have a look at your new business page & to see your first post.

See how many people your reach

Remember though, just because you create a post in Facebook, does not mean that Facebook will immediately show it to many of your friends or followers. To get your post seen by more people, it really helps if you include a ‘call-to-action’, something that will encourage people to engage with your post. The more people who like, who share, who click-through via your post – the more people Facebook will show your post to. That’s just the way it works.


Next time we’ll talk some more about some easy wins on how you can use your website and Facebook together to get others to do your promotion for you.

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